Gabrielle Reisman

selected full-length plays


3 men / 6 women. When champion bounce MC, Benefit, dies unexpectedly, 6th graders Cleo and Justice set out to make a dance video so that their mentor’s memory can live on. But when Benefit’s ghost begins haunting the halls of their charter school, the girls must push back against their teacher’s expectations and the [...]

2 men / 2 women / 1 child. Michael is drawn out of a near-comatose melancholy by the perfect laugh, one recorded fifty years ago during an episode of I Love Lucy. As he searches for its originator he meets Lena, a mother on the verge of losing her family with a daughter strangely similar [...]

1 man / 1 woman Waking up in the same bed as strangers, in an apartment both claim is theirs, Brian, a line cook, and Shevat, a time traveler, become unlikely roommates. As the relationship begins to blossom, Brian’s best friend and Shevat’s far-away sister begin to interfere. A love story with multiple personalities. read [...]