Gabrielle Reisman

SLIP RIVER as the Cohen New Works Festival

SLIP RIVER, a collaborative piece co-created with Katie Bender and Abe Koogler, opens March 25 as part of the Cohen New Works Festival at The University of Texas at Austin. There will be dancing, singing, eating of corn muffins, the climbing up and down of narrow staircases. The play runs about 35 action-packed minutes. Two shows daily till March 29.

Details can be gathered from the festival site:

Or from this informative blurb: “A confluence of Huck Finn narrative and pop music idolatry, SLIP RIVER follows a runaway orphan on his quest for freedom in a mythical land of milk, honey, and Beyonce. Incorporating dream-like soundscapes and installation, interactive dance and text, SLIP RIVER travels audiences through the underbelly of UT’s Payne Theater, where peril– or possibility– are just around the river’s bend.”

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